Keeping it in the Family…

…But not in an inbred way.

It has been a long, unintentional tradition for my family to just find another family and marry repeatedly amongst them. For example, my grandpa’s brother married my grandma’s sister, and my grandpa’s other brother married my grandma’s first cousin. The former of those unions led to my mama having double first cousins and their children being my double second cousins! Two of my mama’s sisters also married brothers, but neither marriage lasted long or resulted in children, so nobody cares. In high school I introduced my first cousin to my best friend’s sister and they had a baby, followed nine months by said friend’s oldest sister having a baby with another one of my first cousins. And then there’s the weird branch we’re working on now (and that I’ve contributed to): My double second cousin had a baby with a man that sadly passed away in a car accident when their son was less than a month old. She then found comfort with his brother and ended up marrying him about a year and a half ago (over four years after her son’s father’s death). They are yet to have a child of their own, but are trying and hopeful. She also has an older son with her ex-husband. Her ex-sister-in-law has a baby with her current husband’s first cousin (so basically both of her sons are related to that kid through their respective fathers). Then I married that man’s little brother (so my double second cousin’s husband’s first cousin) and we had a daughter and a son. My brother-in-law (that knocked up my cousin’s ex-sister-in-law) has also had an on-again-off-again relationship with another one of my double second cousins (a cousin to the other one I mentioned, not a sister, that’d just be weird, right?) and so far, although they’ve both proven to be super fertile, they haven’t produced any offspring together and they seem to be done with each other for good.

This would all seem pretty normal if we lived in a really small town, right? Well, this mess we’ve made spans over a few small cities and towns, three counties, and two states. Thousands upon thousands of potential partners and we still ended up with a twisted family tree. My cousin and I have even drawn out color coded charts to help keep it all straight and prevent future generations from accidentally ending up with a blood relation. It is a mess.

The basic point of this post, I guess, is that we’re not all inbred in the South, we just toe the line awfully close…


Irish Twins

The term ‘Irish Twins‘ refers to siblings born less than a year apart. My first born, a beautiful little girl named Mattie, is seven and a half months old. I’m currently twenty-one weeks and two days pregnant with a baby boy we call Waylon.

What does that mean? That my son is due to be born ten days before my daughter’s first birthday. I’m exhausted from pregnancy and trying to get an infant to be more independent before her baby brother arrives. My hips are constantly killing me due to me not being fully recovered from the first pregnancy and delivery before becoming pregnant again. I’m trying to survive this Flora-Bama heat with raging hormones and a baby that insists on snuggling while keeping our one window unit A/C turned off as much as possible to save on the light bill. And I know it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. It’ll get hotter, I’ll get bigger, Mattie will get heavier… But I’m happy. It’s all going to be worth it. My kids will grow up close. Hopefully they’ll even get along some of the time. My very social daughter will soon have a full-time playmate. I won’t have gotten completely out of “baby mode” by the time Waylon gets here. All the formula that Mattie refuses to drink will still be in date for her brother. My husband will have his son in time to hopefully keep him from turning our daughter into a total tomboy. There are definite benefits.

I’m also comforted by the fact that I’m nowhere near the first person in my family to have children close together. My grandparents had five girls in just over six years. And they started when they were just seventeen! My sister-in-law just had the last of her four a month before her oldest turned six. My mother-in-law had a two-and-a-half year gap between her first and second, but then had one roughly every year-and-a-half after that (i.e. three kids in less than three years) until getting her tunes tied after number four (my husband). Most of my cousins have about two years or so between their kids. We’re not the kind of people that wait ten years for baby number two. So at least I know I can survive it all!

This blog is going to mostly be about dealing with being a pregnant housewife and Southern mama on a modest budget.